Sunday, July 31, 2011

Patchwork Parade Pitch Perfect For Promise Project


Earlier, we released the details and an early tracklisting for a new soundtracking project called "Cleaning To The Cloudbursts" that was taking place in the background the last while on an independent film shot in Los Angeles called Goodbye Promise. Like our Scarlet Ending videos, the film was funded via Kickstarter donations and director David Branin updated the investors on the project's progress. In part, regarding our involvement:
Our composer CJ Wallis really has done a masterful job with our original score. Many of these songs stand out on their own. Just writing these words, I had to open up one of CJ’s tracks and I am now listening as I write. We have laid most of CJ’s work onto the timeline.   
Is it okay to say that we are just as excited for you to hear CJ’s music as we are for you to see the film? If you missed the last update, here is a sneak preview ( of one of CJ’s original tracks entitled “Patchwork Parade.”
You can check out David's entire update here. Another advanced track may surface in the near future, but for now here is the aforementioned "Section 13: Patchwork Parade."

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