Friday, December 17, 2010

American Mary Triggers Twitch Film Trailer Alert

Todd Brown, head programmer of the world-famous Fantastic Fest genre festival, has always been very kind and supportive of Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Continuing in the same gracious fashion, Todd wrote a piece about the American Mary trailer on Twitch Film:
Titled American Mary the first teaser for the new film has arrived and while it's very clear that these are the same film makers it's also clear that they're pushing into some new territory here. 
You can check out the entire article by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Examiner Really Likes Dead Hooker In A Trunk

I think it is safe to say writer Scott Ruth is officially onboard with Dead Hooker In A Trunk. As recently as this morning, Scott named us as one of the Top 3 Best Films Of 2010.

Now Scott's full review of the film has been posted on The Examiner calling it "a well written, superbly acted, brilliantly directed, produced and scored buddy, crime caper, action, comedy horror movie!" A grandsizing excerpt:
C.J. Wallis who plays Goody Two-Shoes. Wallis, who I couldn't help but notice how much he resembles Edward Norton, both in appearance and in acting style, in this film, is amazing as the total nerd-for-God type, who every now and then forgets his commitment to Christ and goes off on near-psychotic rants about ass-r**ing another guy as means of punishment! 
He is hilarious to watch, and truly commands the camera every time he is on screen. His performance reminded me, in a number of ways, of that of Norton in Primal Fear. Goody Two-Shoes is meek, God-fearing, but there's something else there. Something quite dark, buried deep down within, and every now and then, it comes creeping through, just a bit. Just as is the case with Jen & Sylvia, I believe that the future is a very bright one for C.J. Wallis!
There have been countless wonderful reviews written about this film over the last year but this is the one my mother will most likely print out to pester customers with that come into my father's repair shop (foolishly assuming they can simply purchase product and leave.)


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Dead Hooker In A Trunk: Top 3 Horror Film Of The Year

With the year coming to a close, it is time for Best-Of lists to start surfacing around and The Examiner has released their list of the Top Horror Films of 2010. Dead Hooker In A Trunk came in at #3, beating out the Eli Roth produced 'Last Exorcism' but not able to top the only best film ever made about ass-to-mouth surgery, The Human Centipede. In Scott Ruth's words:
# 3 - Dead Hooker In A Trunk - The debut film of the Twisted Twins, Jen & Sylvia Soska, Dead Hooker In A Trunk is nothing short of amazing! The Soska sisters wrote, directed, produced and starred in this horror-comedy about a ragtag group of four friends who are unwillingly thrust into the unenviable scenario of having to dispose of the dead hooker that they find in the trunk of their car. 
The Soskas are amazing in their first film. Their behind-the-camera work is top notch and their on-screen work is that of actresses with decades of screen work under their proverbial belts, despite the fact that this is their first film. You must see this film! You'll cringe and you'll laugh until you cry.
You can check out the entire list and article by clicking here. In semi-related news, our new joint venture with the Soska's called American Mary is today's front page news on Fangoria.

Monday, December 13, 2010

American Mary: AxWound Interview

One of the first passionately supportive people on the Dead Hooker bandwagon was Hannah Neurotica, writer/blogger/founder of countless horror-staples including Women In Horror Month and the Eli Roth endorsed AxWound Magazine (which got passed around throughout the shooting of Inglourious Basterds.)

Entitled "American Mary Video Teaser Made Public; Reports of Blue Balls & Bluegina Cases Now Global!" Hannah has posted an interview with myself and the Soska Sisters for the web-version of AxWound. In her words:

In late November Jen & Sylvia Soska announced how they would celebrate the second anniversary of Twisted Twins Productions: release a teaser for their next feature film! Hype was building around just what the teaser for American Mary would contain.
Would it be another Grindhouse inspired feature like Dead Hooker in a Trunk (DHIAT) or……..? Just what direction was this creative team heading? As one of the lucky few to view the teaser before it’s December 11th release, it was hard as hell to keep my mouth shut. And yet the twisted twins along with partner in crime/ co- producer CJ Wallis (Fortyfps Productions) are showing excellent willpower in a culture that wants nothing more than instant gratification. 
It’s been a while since we were given a horror film to look forward to without being inundated with clips and behind the scenes footage and leaks, etc. Not to mention trailers that are so long you feel as though you already saw the damn film. The first American Mary teaser gives very little away but says a lot about the atmosphere and eery body horror vibe that awaits us.

You can read the entire interview here. Despite only being released this past weekend, the horror community has fully embraced the trailer and posted stories in countless places all over the web. The laundry list has started here on the Soska's blog "Penny Dreadful Diary."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

American Mary: Teaser Trailer

This is the pre-release teaser trailer for American Mary, directed by Jen & Sylvia Soska. The trailer was shot, lit and edited together by CJ Wallis. The downloadable teaser poster is available below and go to Twisted Twins Productions to see the poster-inspired front page.

Friday, December 10, 2010

American Mary: New Teaser Poster

Poster: American Mary

Pre-release poster artwork for the new film from the Soska Sister's film "American Mary" which is being produced by CJ Wallis. The poster features actress Paula Lindberg as Ruby Realgirl, a character who has progressively de-sexualized herself through elective underground surgeries.

The full sized poster can be downloaded here and replicated at full 300dpi resolution printed out on 11"x17" Tabloid sized semi-gloss paper (ideally).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Goody Two-Shoes In Full Wachtercolor

Dead Hooker In A Trunk Art

A cel phone photo surfaced on facebook of some original art based on the Goody Two Shoes character in the indie-hit film Dead Hooker In A Trunk. It is watercolor lined with fine point pen and a sharpie by the extremely thoughtful Zach Shildwachter. He writes for the popular horror site Blood Sprayer who had this, in part, to say about the film:

The soundtrack sets an adventurous tone. Bands like Fake Shark–Real Zombie!, Ione Sky, the Titan Go Kings, and an original score by CJ Wallis makes you want to stand up and then update your iPod. The pairings of songs with the content on screen offers a disturbing duality, one that soothes the audience into the plethora of violence and yet amps up the drama. The Soska Sisters know that a rock ‘n roll adventure needs just that, rock’ n roll, and they crank plenty of it, nice and loud. It plays like what MTV should be if we lived in a world of permanent midnight.
DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is truth in advertising, crystallized, and ready to addict all those jonesing for a hit. You don’t need a review to sell it to you because the title alone will bring you to the fringe festivals and midnight screenings where fans of such films will gobble this alive. It’s a high octane gear grinder, shifting back and forth between action and horror, drama and comedy, leaving a trail of dead bodies and broken hearts in one blood splattering burn out. As the end credits roll, you wonder what could possibly come next from this troublesome twosome and hot damn, I call shotgun to ride along.

You can read the entire review here and see what other wonderful things Zach's has for your eyes on his blog Awkward Creations.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Trailer For Soska Sisters Second Film American Mary

This past Saturday a promotional trailer was created for the second feature from Jen & Sylvia Soska called American Mary. The finished advert has been shown to a few limited eyes to get some nice blognoise spreading around, like the article on popular site "Anything Horror." In brief:

I promised the [Soska] sisters that I wouldn’t go into too much detail about their new film; they put a private, “eyes only” trailer up and I am one of the lucky ones to see it.  The new film is called AMERICAN MARY and Jen and Sylvia wrote, directed, and produced it.  But they also decided to keep the same talented people involved with this new film.  C.J. Wallis (who wrote the original music, did the cinematography, edited, and did the visual f/x for DEAD HOOKER) is again doing the cinematography and editing and is also a producer on AMERICAN MARY.  I know you remember C.J. Wallis … he played “Goody Two Shoes” in DEAD HOOKER!
You can check out the entire article by clicking here.  The trailer will be embedded onto the front page of  their official website on the company's second anniversary, December 11th, 2010.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Limited Edition Scarlet Ending DVD Details Announced

as an early form of bribery during pre-production of the scarlet ending videos posted below, we promised donators we'd create an exclusive, limited-run of dvds containing the videos as a thank you. only 200 of these are being created and we have done our best to include some extra things we thought you'd enjoy:

the dvd will include high quality versions of both "phoenix" and "exactly what you want" as well as an additional 3 camera/single-take of "sinner" performed acoustically and completely unplugged & electricity-free. another feature allows you to "direct your own video" choosing live between angles as you watch the previously unreleased full version of "epiphany."

frequent multi-purpose saviour jeffrey zablotny has also created a succinct, drifty sequence of videowurk called "smoke out" that follows along the band and filmmakers throughout the weekend. jeff has created a couple of these now for various productions of ours and they always are met with warm reception and open arms. an alternate, non-kickstarter specific edit of "smoke out" will be released online october 31st.

thank you to the over 5,000 eyes that found us in the first day or so. we all appreciate the continued viral support endlessly.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Advanced look at moments from The Scarlet Ending video for "Phoenix" shot in Maple Ridge and Vancouver, BC.

10.28.10 - The Scarlet Ending

10.28.10 - The Scarlet Ending

10.28.10 - Monday Preview


Advanced look at moments from The Scarlet Ending video for "Exactly What You Want" shot at The Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, British Columbia.

10.27.10 - The Scarlet Ending

10.27.10 - Monday Preview

10.27.10 - The Scarlet Ending

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Production Begins On The Scarlet Ending Videos

As previously mentioned, we shot two videos with the scarlet ending over the weekend and post-production  is about halfway completed. the dvd for the kickstarter donations is shaping up to be a pretty great package so far and we have done our best to make them as "worth it" as possible.

the video release dates and what-can-be-announced-when about the videos & special edition dvd will be plotted over the weekend and shared shortly thereafter. special additional weekend thanks to mr & mrs zablotny [for the surprise craft service], mr. veenendaal [for the surprise drums & bass], mr & mrs wallis [for tanks of gas and etc.] and the six members of the scarlet ending [for having the balls to come all this way and then show them to me].

Thursday, October 14, 2010

David Lovgren Added To Scarlet Ending Cast

We are absolutely thrilled to add and announce the one and only David Lovgren to the cast of the "first video" for The Scarlet Ending. David has an impressively long resume and always been a favorite of ours here. Most fondly remember him as the sinister Swedish coach in "Cool Runnings" uttering the endlessly quotable trailer friendly line "Go Home Jamaica." to the Cinderella bobsled team.

Interesting Fact?: David played "Ben" the not-quite-who-he-seems security guard in Scott Smith's multi-award winning debut feature film "Rollercoaster," which I worked on from early script stages until the final theatrical screening almost 3 years later.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scarlet Ending Videos Get Funded, Film This Weekend

The Scarlet Ending, with just under 100 donations (!), over-achieved their goal by nearly $600 by raising just over $3,000 and are currently en route to Vancouver to shoot our aforementioned music videos. With funding secured only a few days ago, pre-production has been fast and terrifying with everything coming together in the final moments.

The "first video" as it's being called will feature some familiar Vancouver talent in the cast. Filmmaker and actress Katrin Bowen - who is currently enjoying the glow of a rapidly exploding new semi-autobiographical film called Amazon Falls). Dead Hooker alumni member and the finest film pyro man around Mr. David Barkes who most recently set a man on fire repeatedly to co-earn the world record for longest full body burn which earned himself an appearance on Inside Edition.

The "second video" is the complete opposite of the first but, because the songs are staying under the radar by request, there isn't much more to elaborate on at the moment. Which makes this section of the post semi-redundant and a bit obnoxious. :/

Limited edition DVDs of the videos filled to the business with exclusive extras that we think should be genuinely interesting will be produced and shipped complete with original artwork and design by us! Stills and sneak peeks will find their way up various places after this weekend.

Editors note: Thank you to Jen, Marius & Sylvia Soska and Dale Wallis for their last second heroics and also to Jerome Berthier for all the reasons I said before...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Announcement: Two Scarlet Ending Music Videos

Syracuse band "The Scarlet Ending," co-fronted by Kaleena (also of Please Subscribe fame) & Kayleigh Goldsworthy (also of Elective fame), recently released their impressive album "Ghosts" which is more than deserving of the praise and attention it has been receiving.

Fresh Back from their August long east coast tour, which included a featured interview on US Weekly, the band has their sights set on driving 7 days across the continent (each way) to make 2 videos in Vancouver and play shows along the way. In their words:

As mentioned, the bands goal is to raise $2,500 to help cover the daunting expenses that go along with being a self-financed independent band. Their substantial group of followers chipped in over 20% of the goal in the first day. Please Click Here To Help Us All Out. As little as a single dollar helps a ton. The band and myself have created varying levels of exclusive prizes & bribery all of which are listed on the Kickstarter Page and will look very nice up on your shelf, we promise.

The two songs & video details are being kept under wraps until the release by request,  but check out the album here in the meantime and you will see no matter which songs are chosen, your donation & the videos are in extremely safe musical hands. Visit their official website here.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dead Hooker In A Trunk Vancouver Premiere

mark key

Last night, a near capacity crowd at the Rio Theatre watched the festival edit of Dead Hooker In A Trunk for the first time in it's hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. The film played really well and we took a few photos before the lights went down. Click here to view them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Rose: Scribbled Index Cards

The Rose - Index Cards

Some of you may recall our post back in March which showed the set design from our forthcoming Sarah Slean video as well as a useless low-resolution photo taken around 4am EST of the just-finished storyboards scribbled onto index cards for crew and clarity's sake.

As all parties involved continue to await an air date from the fine folks at BravoFact, I grabbed those index cards and took photos of them in sets of two at random and have uploaded them to our Flickr account. The quality, detail and size of each storyboard will vary based on the hour in the night in which they were created.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Design: Dead Hooker In A Trunk Ad

Poster: Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Tickets have gone on sale for the August Friday The 13th screening of Dead Hooker In A Trunk at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, BC. We created a quick 8.5"x11" poster to be put up around the city and venue for promotion. The original sized/quality document is available on our Flickr page and can be printed at your home to do with what you wish.  Click here to purchase tickets to the event.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Last Flowers Trailer 'Nobody Sleeps'

as we did with the circumference alternative trailer that was posted a little while ago, an abbreviated version of last flowers was created for a commercial agency. if you haven't seen the film, you can by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interview: Talking With Tim


The basic concept of the Please Subscribe documentary (“Please Subscribe follows YouTube celebrites David Choi, Happy Slip, Daxflame, and Tay Zonday as they discuss how online media and YouTube has affected each of their lives and the face of entertainment.“) sparked my interest fairly quickly. The documentary, made by CJ Wallis and the Soska Sisters, hopes to play at several film festivals in the near to long term. I recently conducted an email interview with Wallis. In addition to this documentary, according to Wallis: “I recently directed/edited/conceived the forthcoming Sarah Slean music video and am currently in development on my debut feature film, Frank Flood. The girls are getting a ton of attention for Dead Hooker In A Trunk and are currently in development on two scripts. I also have some original music under the label Elective, which is also going rather well.”

Tim O’Shea: When you contacted the four YouTube celebrities featured in Please Subscribe, did any of them need convincing to be involved in the documentary?

CJ Wallis: The only real person that needed a little bit of a nudge was Daxflame, and is mainly because he is actually represented by one of the bigger agencies in Los Angeles, so there was a bit of looking into one another and the project before they could commit to it. He is also a bit gunshy as his YouTube experience with the public hasn’t necessarily been as positive as the other four.

O’Shea: How did you arrive on picking those four folks in particular?

Wallis: David Choi was where the entire project sort of started. One very late evening in 2008 I think, the Twins and I stumbled across David’s high energy DuckTales video and it shattered us. It is long and repetitive and I think everyone involved ran out of ideas and energy midway through, but that’s what made it amazing. I had featured David’s “YouTube Love Song” on the viral section of a youth tv show I used to direct/produce on and somehow David’s videos kept finding their way in front of me.

Early November 2009, the three of us were re-watching the videos and the idea came up about doing a documentary about these people. A casual internet search into the matter launched the project instantly as David was due to appear in Canada in under two weeks for the first time and play a show in our hometown of Vancouver – saving us the plane tickets, hotels and rentals elsewhere. We e-mailed him and he got back to us and was instantly onboard.

The second day of filming with David, we were driving someplace and in his usual humble manner quietly offered “i could prolly get you tay zonday…if you want…” and suddenly we had Tay Zonday.

O’Shea: Logistically what was the biggest challenge in doing the documentary?

Wallis: As with most filmmakers at whatever level of success we are at currently, it was money. During the time the documentary was coming to life, the girls and I had recently finished their debut feature length film, Dead Hooker In A Trunk, that was also primarily paid out of our own pockets so when Please Subscribe happened, the credit cards were already very much full and there wasn’t a ton left to draw from.

Daxflame needed to be flown to us because it is too dangerous for him to show his house and where he lives which is something we explore in the documentary. Tay Zonday lives in Hollywood, so we begged and pleaded and found our way down there thanks to sympathetic family members etc etc.

While already in Los Angeles (with no immediate chance of coming back within our timeline) we had a YouTube personality that was tied strongly to Daxflame’s story choose not to be involved. We learned they were involved in a previous documentary that is famous (in the wrong way) within the Youtube community and we suddenly needed a fourth subject. David suggested we message Happyslip, who we also enjoy, and she happened to be in LA for a day or two and she graciously gave up her free time on the trip to be involved. It saved the day a thousand times over.

All interviews or filmmakers tend to say things like this, but in all sincerity: all four of these people have rapidly become lifelong friends to the three of us. And the people surrounding them in their lives that we met are no different. Alot of people in this industry, in my experience, tend to only ask you a question so that they can eventually just answer it themselves back at you, so it is rare to find so many people at once who are so endlessly selfless, generous and kind. We stay in regular contact with David’s friends Peter and Sam and are planning to see them all in the middle of July. There is mumblings of shooting a music video for David while we are down there.

O’Shea: A great deal of your recent work has been for feature film, short film and music videos, was working on a documentary a form of returning to your roots of producing for local TV programming in Canada?

Wallis: Actually, it was more of a return to the way I learned filmmaking. My friend Jeff and I would always have a camera on us and would film friends and random events, either together or separately, and then cut them up into fully polished/structured mini documentaries with sound cues and intricate sequences and pass them around to our friends – as they usually could be enjoyed out of context. Those things allowed for a lot of experimentation and mistakes and were always fun to cut up.

So this is sort of the same deal in a way. We got our friends together, shot a bunch of stuff with an idea of where we were going, and now we have to sit here and sort it all out all the surprises and left turns that were thrown at us along the way. It’s wonderfully loose and fun compared to working on a feature or short but, as the film is in it’s second major overhaul now in as many months, it can also be a curse because there isn’t that structure or safety net of having a pre-written scene to work from to know when you’re finished. Obviously everything is up to us how it’s presented and that’s where the pressure and self-doubt can creep back in and infect the fun. You always feel like something can be cut or timed a little better.

O’Shea: Given your own musical background, did you find it easier to interview the musicians featured in Please Subscribe?

Wallis: I wouldn’t say it helped in interviewing them, but it did help with the bonding sides of things off camera. I think there was only one technical question I asked to any of them and it was to Tay, something about the structure or key of Chocolate Rain and he shrugged a “it’s a counterpointed song in Eflat.” It just wasn’t something that ended up being talked much about.

O’Shea: You are collaborating with Twisted Twins Productions on this documentary, how do your differing approaches toward this kind of work serve to compliment each other’s skillset? How did you and the Twisted Twins divvy up the work on this documentary?

Wallis: The girls and I have been working together on things for the last 3 years now, I think so everything is sort of blurred or second nature as far as official job titles go when we are on a project or set. And despite the fact that they make the crotch driven boy movies in the house and I make more mopey dramatic things, we have similar tastes so it’s not that difficult for us to mesh on things outside our comfort zones…

For Please Subscribe I was on camera and location sound so we’d figure out the nice areas we’d want to shoot and when I’d be setting something up on the camera, the girls would be putting the LAVs on our subjects as well as producing or acting as the AD’s and keeping everyone in good conversation and happy. Everyone did a bit of everything. I do all of the post production work for our stuff, so when it gets to that stage, the three of us huddle around our make-shift studio in the apartment and it gets done.

O’Shea: Not surprisingly, you’re using YouTube to promote the documentary–what’s been the response from folks at YouTube?

Wallis: David sent me an e-mail one day that he had sent the official trailer for the doc we posted to his main contact with the YouTube higher-ups. They got back to me that they all loved it and it was a hit virally within their head offices and there was talk of featuring our video on the main page of the site. There were a lot of questions about what we were going to do with it and if we were planning to release it on YouTube. I said we were planning to go the conventional route of festivals into a home video sale but would be interested in hearing what they had to offer (as they have recently started their film rental program) and I didn’t anything back and stopped getting responses from them. They recently celebrated their 5th anniversary where they got each of their celebrities and made little documentary-esque videos about each. The one they made for Tay, shot on the Canon 7d I imagine, that is pretty close to our trailer which was a bit frustrating/demotivating at first but could also just be a big coincidence…

O’Shea: Is it too early to discuss how many festivals you’re going to submit Please Subscribe for consideration?

Wallis: We had a goal of a major film festival in mind that had a hard deadline about a month after we finished filming. A cut of the film was slapped together quickly and we got it in in time but was, admittedly, a bit too scattered and not a proper representation of the footage we have. As a director, you always want to take the home run shot of submitting to a Cannes or Sundance wherever but the reality of the situation is, or what I think our thinking has evolved into over the last year or so with ‘Hooker’ as well, is get it any and everywhere that will have you.

The audience and responses may grow a bit slower but at least your putting yourself and your work in front of audiences rather than submitting to three or four major festivals and sitting on a project for a year or so waiting around, which is what happened with my short Last Flowers. The smaller and mid-level festivals I’ve gone to have been some of the best film experiences of my life and there is so much else going on with the major festivals that have nothing to do with the movies themselves, I think all I can suggest is save your entry fees for someplace that looks a bit more warm and inviting.

O’Shea: Sidebar question, as a fellow fan of Conan O’Brien–how frustrating was it for you to see NBC bail on him as host of The Tonight Show so quickly?

Wallis: Despite the lives being affected, it made for great fued TV. I sort of had a soft spot for Jimmy Kimmel that has grown substantially since he called Leno out on his show. On a selfish level, when I go to LA, I’ve always gone to tapings of things (game shows, late night shows, anything) just to watch the chaos or see how shows vary the way the crew operates and functions etc and with Conan in LA, I was finally able to go to tapings of something I actually enjoy. And as we speak, Leno’s ratings as worse than what Conan’s were when they dismissed him. I assume the TBS show in November will shoot in LA still, but that doesn’t help us on our July trip, heh. He got a big chunk of money – it’s not the Tonight Show but I’m sure it helped take the sting off it. And the Tonight Show hasn’t really been the Tonight Show since May 1992 and they just chased their best chance at getting it back.


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Project Greenman Commercial

yesterday we shot a commercial for "project greenman" a cause founded by jeff arsenault which is represented by four young "agents for change" that deliver seeds all over the world. in their words:

Project Greenman will allow you to follow a tiny seed through its life cycle. Planting seeds and growing plants represent the continuation of life; a rebirth of our world and promise for tomorrow. We want you to be part of this future. When you become an "Agent for Change" you will have the chance to assist other members fulfilling a commitment to rejuvenate our Earth.
our agents were janette bundic, eric clark, megan mckinnon & connor stanhope, who some of you may recognize as the young lex luther on 'smallville.' the spot also features fortyfps's parents, maggie and chuck, who are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary today. the finished spot should be appearing online within the next week.

click here and here to see a photos from shortly after the production had wrapped and project page has been created and uploaded here.

jeff has told us of several major places and people that will be involved in promoting this piece and the cause, including virgin's richard branson who is planning to promote the cause by taking seeds up on the first commercial space flight. here is a clip from ctv news:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Dead Hooker Review

cameras & headphones

Zach from the posted his review entitled: "look mom, there's a dead hooker in a trunk"

The Soska Sisters are poised to throat punch Hollywood and shove their debut feature in its blood gurgling face. Their first full length film from Twisted Twin Productions delivers an adventure like Stephen King’s STAND BY ME in reverse, all grown up and tweaked out on meth. Four misfits labeled Junkie, Bad Ass, Geek, and Goody Two Shoes are forced on a drug fueled road trip to escape consequence and stay alive. After picking up Geek’s Bible thumping buddy from Youth Group they’re on their way to score some drugs when they sniff a stench from the trunk of their slick ass Pontiac. Each character lives up to the labels of their stereotypes as they discover the title of the film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Belle Game - Shoulders & Turns

we welcome you to check out the music video for 'shoulders & turns' by the belle game. the video was directed and animated by jeffrey zablotny and the song is featured in our documentary 'please subscribe.' additionally, a secret musical project has been in the works with us and adam nanji of the belle game and will surface soon.

as for our own music video news, we will be directing a video for david choi in los angeles in mid-july and a second video for malcolm and his moonlights who had this to say on our facebook page.

there is also some extrememly large cast-related news regarding our debut feature film frank flood and will be shared as soon as it is contractually bound to us...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Rose: Six New Preview Stills

while we await the debut broadcast date from bravofact for our sarah slean video, six new preview/low resolution framegrabs have made their way up onto our flickr page. come have a look?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dead Hooker In A Trunk Wins 3 Awards At Pollygrind

the pollygrind film festival had the las vegas premiere of "dead hooker in a trunk" last friday which, the festival reports, was the most successful night of the five days - completely selling out with standing room only.

the awards were announced earlier today and the film was awarded "best feature - audience choice", "best screenplay," and everette hartsoe's "bad girl award" was co-awarded to jen & sylvia soska. everette is the creator of razor, a comic series noted worldwide for pioneering the "bad girl comic genre."

click here to read the full press release and rundown from the festival.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elective appears on WCNY Connected!

sort of. kayleigh goldsworthy appeared with her primary band "the scarlet ending" and performed two songs acoustically on wcny connected. the clip has found its way onto youtube and is embedded below.

additional context: kayleigh (blond) is the american half of our musical side project "elective" and her twin sister kaleena (brunette) provided an original song to the feature film documentary"please subscribe." a co-venture feature length project we created with jen & sylvia soska of twisted twins productions.

additional co-venture news: the soska sister's film "dead hooker in a trunk" recently played to rave reviews from a sold-out crowd at this year's pollygrind film festival. awards will be announced monday morning!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Timeless Films Blog Reviews Circumference

bill & pumpkin

This November 2009 review on Circumference was brought to our attention recently and it was very kind so we thought we would repost it here to save for a cloudy day:

"Allow me this time to deviate from my original form of exclusively discussing graphic design and I will be venturing into the art of cinema. Now as one who prides himself on his knowledge of film and everything surrounding it, I was surprised to find that I had not heard anything about the filmmaker C.J. Wallis until recently. So my guess is that there is a very high probability any who are reading this will not be familiar with his work either. But let me share with you one of his most original works. It is called Circumference, created in 2006 and shot entirely in HD.
It was created on a competition basis being chosen out of over 80 pitches in the Crazy8's competition. It challenges filmmakers to make a short film entirely within 8 days on a strict budget of $800 and only allowing you 30 minutes of raw footage to be shot. While all that is a separate task in itself, the astonishing thing about this film is that it is seems as one 10 minute long tracking shot that takes you through the story.
Now it is not exactly one entire tracking shot as they did need to take multiple shots and cuts, however they use extremely hard to replicate editing techniques to blend it all together and make it seem like one fluid tracking shot. So you might see the main character walking in and closing a door which appears to be a film set, but when someone else walks outside it is now the outside of someone's house, and when someone walks back into that door again it is the inside of an office building.
Frankly, I am still trying to figure out how he did it. You certainly can't just pick up a camera and wing it with that huge of an idea. Most people wouldn't be able to do what he did period, but the fact that he was able to accomplish that cinematic feat all under those competitive restraints shows how much careful planning and design went into every little detail before they could start shooting.
Furthermore, he is one who's style I will be looking out for, because his display of talent is very promising in my eyes. So if you can spare about 10 minutes to be amazed, I would seriously recommend you checking out the film, and I will even provide the link for you...
Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Argentinian Article on "Please Subscribe"

click here to view the article. editor's note: we were given zero indication from webhostingpad that our domain was up for renewal and now several of our websites are filled with a smiling young woman having an awesome day while we are not. this will be fixed instantly.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rose - More Behind The Scenes

20 more stills from the rose shoot in march have surfaced. these ones offer better looks at the set and various lighting set-ups. click here to view the stills.

there is still no word as to when bravofact will allow us to upload the video online at this point. rumor has it they loved the video a great deal and are trying to slot it in as early as possible into their schedule, unfortunately their schedule is often programmed a month or three in advance.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Photos From 'Bothered At All' Set

the first photos from the set of our video shoot with malcolm holt have surfaced online courtesy of the video's drummer tony dallas. those ten photos have been stolen and put up onto our flickr page. 

tony appeared in our angel lust video and drums in several different bands, but primarily promotes the ssri's. listen to them on their myspace page. the video for "bothered at all" will surface in the next few days. 

UPDATE, APRIL 5TH: 16 more tony photos have been added to flickr. and the video will be released online in 720p high definition later today. boom.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Music Video: Malcolm Holt's 'Bothered At All'

malcolm holt (drummer from angel lust's fake shark-real zombie) has nearly completed his as-of-yet untitled solo album and we are set to direct a video for the debut single "bothered at all" this wednesday.

like the slean/bravofact video, the plan is to shoot on the canon 7d. unlike the slean/bravofact video, we will be allowed to show you this one in the very immediate future.

UPDATE, APRIL 2ND: the video has been shot and completed and should be released online shortly. for more information and an advanced look in the meantime, please visit our bothered at all project page.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Promotional Trailer - Circumference

often agencies will want to see abbreviated versions of your projects rather than viewing the actual film. these little trailers are usually awful to edit and rarely leave you feeling like you did the original any sort of service. we will share this one because it is probably the closest we'll ever get.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Rose - Behind The Scenes Photos

the last week of wonderful things have all been due to the various efforts of jeffrey zablotny. the latest bit of delight has come in the form of 30 behind-the-scenes stills from the set of "the rose." click here to view the photoset on jeff's flickr page.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rose - Colored & Completed

after watching the video on the fancy monitors at finifilm, it was decided there wasn't much coloring to change after embellished a few small cues and a quick clean-up of minor things and now it is finished.

here are a few stills from the more low-key "chapter 3" of the video, where our starlet (lucy rupert) burns rose pedals for luck and is interrupted by a well dressed, kind-hearted older man. we are trying to save the "looks" of the other chapters for the broadcast/debut.

a behind-the-scenes documentary of the video shoot was shot by jeffrey zablotny who has done this daunting task previously on circumference ("hat trick") and last flowers ("wink"). the video and still photos from set will make their way online whenever we are allowed to do so.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Rose - Front Page News

Sarah Slean posted a blurb about 'The Rose' shoot on the front page of her website this morning. In her words:
Sarah has teamed up again with the wunderkinds from Fortyfps and Major Street Productions - the group behind 2008's film "Last Flowers". After some scheduling difficulty, the shoot date was finally booked for March 5 in Toronto. BravoFact has generously supported the project, the aim of which was to ambitiously combine play-within-a-play storytelling, musical performance, and dance.

Sarah was particularly interested in working with Lucy Rupert again - the dancer behind last year's "Abecedarian" project, a solo piece that Sarah described as "riveting".

The video is being completed and released much later than the actual song's release (December 2008), but the project was such a congruence of creative people that Sarah assures us it will have been worth the wait.

editing has been completed and we are awaiting our coloring session which is set for the 9th. bravofact's grant we won essentially buys them first broadcast/premiere rights to the video so we are at the mercy of them as to when it can be released online. above is an uncorrected still image from the video. we will post a few more shortly.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Rose - Sarah Slean

The Rose: Set Designed

this friday we shoot a music video for sarah slean so we put up a drawing to give you a look at brian garvey's set we will be running around on and also a low resolution glimpse of a futon covered in index cards.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please Subscribe - Official Website Launched

we have uploaded a very primitive webpage onto our please subscribe servers. the artwork is a slightly more simplified version of the movie poster that will be coming shortly. click here to view the artwork & website