Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Original Score Preview "Patchwork Parade"

Section 13 [Patchwork Parade] by CJ Wallis

Earlier this year, director David Branin posted a note asking for someone to create an original score for a film he has recently finished called Goodbye Promise. The influences suggested to apply were Sigur Ros and Radiohead.

Armed with a not-very-secret obsession with both bands and a like-crafted, unreleased Elective instrumental - we contacted them. After listening to all submitted works and composers - we were ultimately selected by the filmmakers to create their arrangements.

The production initially sent along a quicktime file of the opening moments of the film for context and are currently in final post-production/mixing stages. "Cleaning Through The Cloudbursts" is a collection of sixteen original pieces of music, which includes the initial example at David's request called "Patchwork Parade" which can be heard above. The current track listing is as follows:

Goodbye Promise Soundtrack, Directed By David Branin.
Performed, Arranged & Mixed by CJ Wallis

Section 00 - Our Time To Shine [Instrumental]
Section 01 - Crushed Frequencies
Section 02 - Sunburnt
Section 03 - Halted Cadence
Section 04 - City Streets
Section 05 - XO
Section 06 - Inside The House
Section 07 - Outside The House
Section 08 - Slay The Dragon
Section 09 - Hideaway
Section 10 - Destroyer
Section 11 - False Started
Section 12 - Cleaning To The Cloudbursts
Section 13 - Patchwork Parade
Section 14 - Falling Into Traps
Section 15 - All Come Back Around
Yesterday, David and producer/actor Gregor Collins received & discussed the soundtrack freely on their Facebook accounts. They seem to be enjoying it! There are discussions of how to release it (digitally vs psychically etc.) and whenever it is made available, we will do our best to interrupt your day with the details.

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