Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vice Magazine: CJ Wallis "The Steve Nash Of Directors"

From Canada to Curren$y: CJ Wallis Makes His Move

Clinton Yates, well known writer for Vice Mazagine and The Washington Post, approached me at the Howard Theatre in Washington and mentioned he was interested in doing an article. After a few meetings, Clinton posted our discussions and his thoughts.

"How The JFK of JLF got his start"

Curren$y Spitta is talking to an employee of Untouchable Body Shop who plans to restore an old Chevy he's got on the lot for a series called Cruise Life. The car is getting a new paint job, adding a full hydraulic system and upgrading the chassis. "We're going back with the marina blue. Ghost graphics on the hood of the trunk. It's gonna be nice," the employee says.

The rapper, whose obsession with cars is well-documented, is immensely moved by the potential of this project. "Please, please, son,” he says. “Could you talk to CJ? The master and the animator of my dream and my vision?"