Saturday, September 11, 2010

Announcement: Two Scarlet Ending Music Videos

Syracuse band "The Scarlet Ending," co-fronted by Kaleena (also of Please Subscribe fame) & Kayleigh Goldsworthy (also of Elective fame), recently released their impressive album "Ghosts" which is more than deserving of the praise and attention it has been receiving.

Fresh Back from their August long east coast tour, which included a featured interview on US Weekly, the band has their sights set on driving 7 days across the continent (each way) to make 2 videos in Vancouver and play shows along the way. In their words:

As mentioned, the bands goal is to raise $2,500 to help cover the daunting expenses that go along with being a self-financed independent band. Their substantial group of followers chipped in over 20% of the goal in the first day. Please Click Here To Help Us All Out. As little as a single dollar helps a ton. The band and myself have created varying levels of exclusive prizes & bribery all of which are listed on the Kickstarter Page and will look very nice up on your shelf, we promise.

The two songs & video details are being kept under wraps until the release by request,  but check out the album here in the meantime and you will see no matter which songs are chosen, your donation & the videos are in extremely safe musical hands. Visit their official website here.

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