Thursday, April 28, 2011

FortyFPS Designs Cannes Ad, Guest Directing American Mary

American Mary is soon to be off to the South Of France with co-producer Evan Tylor and IndustryWorks Pictures, traveling to this year's 64th annual Cannes Film Festival. Our teaser poster will be paired with a newly designed, full-sized 8.5" x 11" trade-ad featuring the delightful Katharine Isabelle. The ad is a mash-up of images torn from iconic American magazines. Click the preview image below to view the print.

If you would like to have the poster for yourself or help promote the film, I have uploaded the original full-sized file so you can download and print the poster from home at full press quality. Semi-Gloss if it is handy.

Also, as announced by the film's co-director Sylvia Soska on Facebook, I will be guest directing a key 9 minute sequence in American Mary, the specific details of which are being kept under wraps by request. The Twins have mentioned in recent interviews that after American Mary, they will permanently transition away from acting in their films into working exclusively behind the scenes. Whatever assumptions that could be made connecting these two unrelated statements are probably true.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Official American Mary Teaser Poster Design Released

Teaser Poster - American Mary

27" x 41" featuring Paula Lindberg as Ruby RealGirl. Concept & design by CJ Wallis, FortyFPS Productions. Click the preview image above for various different sizes and resolutions.