Thursday, December 22, 2016

Curren$y "Andretti 12/30" Album Artwork

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

(Re)Search my Trash Interviews CJ Wallis

An Interview with CJ Wallis, Director of BB
by Mike Haberfelner | December 2016

Your new movie BB - in a few words, what is it about?

BB is about doing any and everything, inside and outside your means, for the person you love.

Basic question of course, why make a movie about a camgirl, and - even if this might sound silly - did you do any research on the subject?
I often have a bunch of 20 minute chunks of films in my head and as new fragments or elements occur to me, they get added to the pile. Occasionally the pieces fuse themselves together and become something that people haven’t really seen before.

A lot of stories I enjoy, things like Taxi Driver, involve the dark-side of the world willingly invited into the lead character’s life for one reason or another.

I hadn’t spent any time on web-cam sites previous to writing this or meeting Jen, our lead. If you’re looking for porn, watching a web-cam girl is like putting on Stairway To Heaven when you want to hear some heavy rock music quickly and just carry on with your day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BB Movie Review - (Re)Search My Trash

BB - Official Stills
"A very tense thriller that's almost uncomfortable (for all the right reasons) to watch...between a psychopath and a tortured soul...heightened by extremely nervous camerawork and editing, and a intentionally slightly erratic sound mix!"

With nothing better to do and being in need for money, Leah (Jennifer Mae) decides to become a cam girl. After all, she doesn't mind stripping down in front of strangers and masturbating, and is capable of handling dirty talk from faceless perverts with the necessary amount of charm. One thing she really wants to get out of this: Enough money for her girlfriend Alina (Victoria Fox) - yup, she's actually a lesbian - to fly over to her folks in Romania ... and she succeeds in that before too long. But once Alina's out of the country she continues camming - after all, it is easy money...