Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CJ Wallis: "Canada's Best Kept Secret Weapon"

Theron Neel has always been a loyal supporter of Dead Hooker In A Trunk. We featured a quote from his review for the online promotional trailer called "Mayhem."

Theron, who currently writes for Fangirltastic one of the largest horror websites online (formerly "Pretty Scary,"), sent me an e-mail about doing an interview with me. The resulting article was so unexpectedly glowing that a few messages similar to the one below were passed along to us in various ways. An excerpt:
Some people are just so talented that it really isn't fair. CJ Wallis is one of those people. You probably haven't heard of him, but Wallis is an enormously gifted director, actor, cinematographer, producer, editor, writer and musician...Totally not fair.
I first became of aware of Wallis when I saw Jen and Sylvia Soska's Dead Hooker in a Trunk. As the character called Goody Two-Shoes, Wallis has a starring role in the Twisted Twins' exploitation sensation, but he also shot and edited the flick, composed the score and worked on the effects team. It could be said that while the Soska sisters built the Dead Hooker car, Wallis was clearly the motor that made it run as well as it does.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kint Terrors In A Trunk

Knit-Terrors are unique, custom made dolls made my artist Laurie Pizzi. Laurie has created a set of characters for the actors of Dead Hooker In A Trunk which will be made available on her site shortly. If your tastes aren't so obscure, she also does several horror terrors including Pinhead, Jason, Freddy and Jigsaw.