Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dead Hooker DVD Sold Out On Amazon, Reviews Are In

Dead Hooker DVD: Region 2

According to those in the know, the first run & release of Region 2 Dead Hooker In A Trunk DVDs have sold out completely and a second run of discs are being promised soon from those at Amazon (Artwork from Australian release pictured above) The features and some of the menu images from the UK Bounty Films version have been released, along with a semi-favorable review, on DVD Beaver:
Edition Details:
• Directors' Commentary with Jen and Sylvia Soska
• Production Commentary with C.J. Wallis, and Jen and Sylvia Soska
• Deleted Scenes (16:9; 5:37)
• Behind the Scenes Featurette (16:9; 14:33)
• Discussion with actor Carlos Gallardo (16:9; 1:44)
• Theatrical Trailer (16:9; 2:22)
• Preview Trailer (16:9; 2:56)
• Festival Trailer (16:9; 1:13)
14 DVD Chapter Titles:
01. The Night Before The Morning After
02. Youth Group
03. A Dead Hooker In The Trunk
04. Visitors
05. Getting To Know Goody Two-Shoes
06. Losing Limbs
07. Burial
08. Cowboy
09. Heavenly Advice
10. The Hooker's House
11. Catching The Killer
12. A Face From The Past
13. Friends To The Rescue
14. End Credits

DVD Menu Art By Bounty Films:
Dead Hooker DVD: Region 2 Menu Dead Hooker DVD: Region 2 Menu Dead Hooker DVD: Region 2 Menu
Bounty has also sent around a good chunk of screeners to various established UK print magazines and websites. TotalFilm Magazine reviewed the film and had this to say:
Hobo With A Shotgun might be getting all the buzz, but…there's another grindhouse gem equally worthy of your attention, out on DVD on Monday. 
Like Hobo With A Shotgun, Dead Hooker In A Trunk easily lives up to the promise of its title. If you want a nuanced plot, watch Chinatown. If you want a thrill-ride that'll occasionally make you spit-take your popcorn and Coke, watch Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Case in point, none of the characters have proper names, they all go by ridiculous nicknames. But that doesn't stop you from falling in love with each and every one of them.
Ben Bussey, a self-proclaimed fed-up-with-DV-Low-Budget-Horror film writer for the popular genre website Brutal As Hell, has already once previously, and positively, reviewed an earlier/rougher edit of the film and had the task of doing a second review for the DVD release now complete with our final DVD-exclusive spit-shines.
Ricki Gagne[sic], CJ Wallis and of course the Soskas themselves are genuinely...people you enjoy spending an hour and a half with. It is their charisma as individuals, and overall chemistry as a group, that will bring people back to watch this movie over and over. And their work is all the more impressive when you consider all but Gagne were doing multiple jobs on the film; the Soskas multi-tasking is established, plus CJ Wallis was one of the principal cinematographers, as well as editing the film and composing and performing the music. They’ve made a debut feature that, for all its flaws, really does stands apart; that’s a rare thing, and worthy of celebration.
The second run of the DVDs are available and apparently also nearly sold out. Rumor has it the distribution deal for a North American release has been finalized with a major company that couldn't be a better fit.

Continuing in this vague fashion, it looks as though Fortyfps will be doing the pre-release marketing campaign for a major motion picture starring two people you have definitely heard of. More info coming, as it is allowed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dead Hooker In A Trunk Officially Released On DVD

sylvia soska by fortyfps
Over the past couple months our micro-budgeted co-venture with Twisted Twins Productions, "Dead Hooker In A Trunk," has been shopped around and sold to various companies around the world to distribute on BluRay, DVD & VOD, complete with exclusive new DVD content we made for the releases.

The first deal announced was with Bounty Films in the UK and today marks it's DVD & department store release - marking the first FortyFPS project to receive such treatment. The Amazon page for the film doesn't have much up aside from some version of our trailer that is like watching it through a cold glass of water.

Bounty sent us a low-res image of the cover art they drafted up which I can't find, but it can be described as a mash-up of this and this. We would love to see photos of your copy so click and e-mail us? The North American releases, we are told, have all been sorted out and will be able to be announced to all of us shortly.

Many things coming in the next months including some solo music and some arranging for Kayleigh Goldsworthy, a new soundtracking project (the first segment has been mixed over the past few days) and principle photography on American Mary (which will have it's own major announcements coming as well, more often than not on our not-so-random blog called Abstrakt.Me)

Thanks to The Girls for asking me to be around in the first place. Onto the next one...

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Rose Nominated Best Music Video Of 2010

Adding a significant amount of extra icing onto our sappy story cupcake, our Sarah Slean video for The Rose has been nominated for a Leo Award in the Best Music Video category - the fourth nomination in as many years. The Leo Awards, in the words of Wikipedia, are...
...the awards program for the British Columbia film and television industry, celebrating excellence in artistic achievement. Held each May or June, the Leo Awards honour nominees and winners in 13 program categories and up to 19 craft categories. The Leo Awards Red Carpet continues to be the largest red carpet event in Western Canada attracting the glitterati of the BC film and television industry, including stars and celebrities from US-based productions.
The awards will be handed out at The Fairmont Hotel on Saturday, June 11th. If you have not seen the video, you can view it below or get the whole story by clicking here.