Saturday, March 27, 2010

Music Video: Malcolm Holt's 'Bothered At All'

malcolm holt (drummer from angel lust's fake shark-real zombie) has nearly completed his as-of-yet untitled solo album and we are set to direct a video for the debut single "bothered at all" this wednesday.

like the slean/bravofact video, the plan is to shoot on the canon 7d. unlike the slean/bravofact video, we will be allowed to show you this one in the very immediate future.

UPDATE, APRIL 2ND: the video has been shot and completed and should be released online shortly. for more information and an advanced look in the meantime, please visit our bothered at all project page.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Promotional Trailer - Circumference

often agencies will want to see abbreviated versions of your projects rather than viewing the actual film. these little trailers are usually awful to edit and rarely leave you feeling like you did the original any sort of service. we will share this one because it is probably the closest we'll ever get.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Rose - Behind The Scenes Photos

the last week of wonderful things have all been due to the various efforts of jeffrey zablotny. the latest bit of delight has come in the form of 30 behind-the-scenes stills from the set of "the rose." click here to view the photoset on jeff's flickr page.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rose - Colored & Completed

after watching the video on the fancy monitors at finifilm, it was decided there wasn't much coloring to change after embellished a few small cues and a quick clean-up of minor things and now it is finished.

here are a few stills from the more low-key "chapter 3" of the video, where our starlet (lucy rupert) burns rose pedals for luck and is interrupted by a well dressed, kind-hearted older man. we are trying to save the "looks" of the other chapters for the broadcast/debut.

a behind-the-scenes documentary of the video shoot was shot by jeffrey zablotny who has done this daunting task previously on circumference ("hat trick") and last flowers ("wink"). the video and still photos from set will make their way online whenever we are allowed to do so.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Rose - Front Page News

Sarah Slean posted a blurb about 'The Rose' shoot on the front page of her website this morning. In her words:
Sarah has teamed up again with the wunderkinds from Fortyfps and Major Street Productions - the group behind 2008's film "Last Flowers". After some scheduling difficulty, the shoot date was finally booked for March 5 in Toronto. BravoFact has generously supported the project, the aim of which was to ambitiously combine play-within-a-play storytelling, musical performance, and dance.

Sarah was particularly interested in working with Lucy Rupert again - the dancer behind last year's "Abecedarian" project, a solo piece that Sarah described as "riveting".

The video is being completed and released much later than the actual song's release (December 2008), but the project was such a congruence of creative people that Sarah assures us it will have been worth the wait.

editing has been completed and we are awaiting our coloring session which is set for the 9th. bravofact's grant we won essentially buys them first broadcast/premiere rights to the video so we are at the mercy of them as to when it can be released online. above is an uncorrected still image from the video. we will post a few more shortly.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Rose - Sarah Slean

The Rose: Set Designed

this friday we shoot a music video for sarah slean so we put up a drawing to give you a look at brian garvey's set we will be running around on and also a low resolution glimpse of a futon covered in index cards.