Friday, December 17, 2010

American Mary Triggers Twitch Film Trailer Alert

Todd Brown, head programmer of the world-famous Fantastic Fest genre festival, has always been very kind and supportive of Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Continuing in the same gracious fashion, Todd wrote a piece about the American Mary trailer on Twitch Film:
Titled American Mary the first teaser for the new film has arrived and while it's very clear that these are the same film makers it's also clear that they're pushing into some new territory here. 
You can check out the entire article by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Examiner Really Likes Dead Hooker In A Trunk

I think it is safe to say writer Scott Ruth is officially onboard with Dead Hooker In A Trunk. As recently as this morning, Scott named us as one of the Top 3 Best Films Of 2010.

Now Scott's full review of the film has been posted on The Examiner calling it "a well written, superbly acted, brilliantly directed, produced and scored buddy, crime caper, action, comedy horror movie!" A grandsizing excerpt:
C.J. Wallis who plays Goody Two-Shoes. Wallis, who I couldn't help but notice how much he resembles Edward Norton, both in appearance and in acting style, in this film, is amazing as the total nerd-for-God type, who every now and then forgets his commitment to Christ and goes off on near-psychotic rants about ass-r**ing another guy as means of punishment! 
He is hilarious to watch, and truly commands the camera every time he is on screen. His performance reminded me, in a number of ways, of that of Norton in Primal Fear. Goody Two-Shoes is meek, God-fearing, but there's something else there. Something quite dark, buried deep down within, and every now and then, it comes creeping through, just a bit. Just as is the case with Jen & Sylvia, I believe that the future is a very bright one for C.J. Wallis!
There have been countless wonderful reviews written about this film over the last year but this is the one my mother will most likely print out to pester customers with that come into my father's repair shop (foolishly assuming they can simply purchase product and leave.)


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Dead Hooker In A Trunk: Top 3 Horror Film Of The Year

With the year coming to a close, it is time for Best-Of lists to start surfacing around and The Examiner has released their list of the Top Horror Films of 2010. Dead Hooker In A Trunk came in at #3, beating out the Eli Roth produced 'Last Exorcism' but not able to top the only best film ever made about ass-to-mouth surgery, The Human Centipede. In Scott Ruth's words:
# 3 - Dead Hooker In A Trunk - The debut film of the Twisted Twins, Jen & Sylvia Soska, Dead Hooker In A Trunk is nothing short of amazing! The Soska sisters wrote, directed, produced and starred in this horror-comedy about a ragtag group of four friends who are unwillingly thrust into the unenviable scenario of having to dispose of the dead hooker that they find in the trunk of their car. 
The Soskas are amazing in their first film. Their behind-the-camera work is top notch and their on-screen work is that of actresses with decades of screen work under their proverbial belts, despite the fact that this is their first film. You must see this film! You'll cringe and you'll laugh until you cry.
You can check out the entire list and article by clicking here. In semi-related news, our new joint venture with the Soska's called American Mary is today's front page news on Fangoria.

Monday, December 13, 2010

American Mary: AxWound Interview

One of the first passionately supportive people on the Dead Hooker bandwagon was Hannah Neurotica, writer/blogger/founder of countless horror-staples including Women In Horror Month and the Eli Roth endorsed AxWound Magazine (which got passed around throughout the shooting of Inglourious Basterds.)

Entitled "American Mary Video Teaser Made Public; Reports of Blue Balls & Bluegina Cases Now Global!" Hannah has posted an interview with myself and the Soska Sisters for the web-version of AxWound. In her words:

In late November Jen & Sylvia Soska announced how they would celebrate the second anniversary of Twisted Twins Productions: release a teaser for their next feature film! Hype was building around just what the teaser for American Mary would contain.
Would it be another Grindhouse inspired feature like Dead Hooker in a Trunk (DHIAT) or……..? Just what direction was this creative team heading? As one of the lucky few to view the teaser before it’s December 11th release, it was hard as hell to keep my mouth shut. And yet the twisted twins along with partner in crime/ co- producer CJ Wallis (Fortyfps Productions) are showing excellent willpower in a culture that wants nothing more than instant gratification. 
It’s been a while since we were given a horror film to look forward to without being inundated with clips and behind the scenes footage and leaks, etc. Not to mention trailers that are so long you feel as though you already saw the damn film. The first American Mary teaser gives very little away but says a lot about the atmosphere and eery body horror vibe that awaits us.

You can read the entire interview here. Despite only being released this past weekend, the horror community has fully embraced the trailer and posted stories in countless places all over the web. The laundry list has started here on the Soska's blog "Penny Dreadful Diary."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

American Mary: Teaser Trailer

This is the pre-release teaser trailer for American Mary, directed by Jen & Sylvia Soska. The trailer was shot, lit and edited together by CJ Wallis. The downloadable teaser poster is available below and go to Twisted Twins Productions to see the poster-inspired front page.

Friday, December 10, 2010

American Mary: New Teaser Poster

Poster: American Mary

Pre-release poster artwork for the new film from the Soska Sister's film "American Mary" which is being produced by CJ Wallis. The poster features actress Paula Lindberg as Ruby Realgirl, a character who has progressively de-sexualized herself through elective underground surgeries.

The full sized poster can be downloaded here and replicated at full 300dpi resolution printed out on 11"x17" Tabloid sized semi-gloss paper (ideally).