Monday, March 6, 2017

BB Wins Best Actress Of The Year

BB - Official Stills

BloodGuts UK Horror was one of the first website's to review BB back in August, and they have just nominated the film "Best Independent Film Of The Year" and awarded first-timer Jennifer Mae "Best Actor In An Independent Film". In their words:
When a stalker latches onto an internet stripper, the results are uncomfortable to watch. From a self funded film by director/writer CJ Wallis this could have been a forgettable entry to a genre that has been done better on bigger budgets yet it is the central role of "Candy Cummings", played by Jennifer Mae, that really shines. Delivering a raw performance and barring all, her role is much more than to stand and look good. The emotion in her character and the drive that funds her career choice become all too real and it is Mae who brings this heartbreaking character to life.
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