Saturday, September 10, 2011

American Mary Scalpel Themed Investor Booklet

During the investment stages of American Mary's development, we designed and produced a scalpel-themed, hard cover 10 page booklet which featured concept art, storyboarded sequences, cast members and other secret things. A few of the pages have been uploaded and can be seen by clicking any of the thumbnails below.

Pg. 02/12 Pg. 03/12 Pg. 09/12 Pg. 10/12


  1. Looks amazing. But how long will I have to wait for the film? Can't wait.

  2. Need to see this movie. I am a TT junkie...please help me.

  3. we shoot next month friends and its gotta get chopped up instantly. itll be here faster than you think, i promise.