Sunday, January 30, 2011

24 Hours Away From Making 21 Year Old CJ's Day

For whatever reason, I vividly remember every detail of the 4 minutes in 2002 when I happened to stumble upon the video debut of the song "Sweet Ones" by some 'new' hyper-active Canadian named Sarah Slean.

It marked the first time it occurred to me that I really wanted to make a music video for someone. I wrote her name down in red smelly-felt on a desk-sized scribble pad I had at the time and set it to the back of my mind to one day try to dazzle this person I didn't know existed 5 minutes previous.

I saw her countless times live afterwards and a couple years later in a bold, Jack Daniels soaked gesture - informed her of this lofty goal after her show at the Commodore Ballroom. She politely/warmly smiled and said whatever sweet things popular artists say when strange people tell them strange things. (She claims to have no recollection of this thankfully.)

It is nearly impossible for the people you enjoy and respect from a distance through film or music to live up to everything you've assumed and built them up to be if you are ever fortunate to get to meet them or collaborate together and Sarah is, and has been, all of it and more. Please enjoy a short clip of someone being effortlessly talented and relishing every second of it...Thank you for having me around. Xx

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