Saturday, July 9, 2011

Video Shoot For New Acoustic Columbia Track

Kevin Schallie and I went to the same small-town elementary school from kindergarden through Grade 6, but never really interacted much. The peripheral existence continued into high school and throughout the lifespans of our post-grad musical acts that each no longer exist (Kevin's being the much more popular Straitpipe.)

For the last couple years Kevin, along with Straitpipe co-creator Richard Jacquard, have continued forward as the re-branded Columbia and have rapidly exploded - headlining venues across North America including The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

In September of 2009, the band had their biggest show to date playing to a sold-out crowd at The Venue in Vancouver. Kevin wanted to add live keyboards and strings to embellish two of their tracks and reached out to me, which was instantly agreed to. A collaboration 20 or so years in the making, it seems.

Naturally, the video hustle talk began and I tricked them into complying to my demands and, a year or two later, it is The Time. Which is both an obnoxious pun and the title of the band's new acoustic track we'll be shooting a video for that will be surfacing sooner rather than later.

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