Thursday, June 9, 2011

"The Rose" Named Best Music Video Of 2010

character The video made for Sarah Slean's song "The Rose" was awarded Best Music Video Of The Year at the Leo Awards.

I was unable to attend the ceremony and was notified via a txt that read: "You just won a Leo award!" from Katrin Bowen, director of the multi- award nominated feature film Amazon Falls.

Fellow 2006 Crazy8s alumni member and Phoenix co-star, Katrin took a considerable amount of her post-awards evening to ensure the award was looked after and eventually was the one to hand it to me, beaming - which made it all the more better. Thank you.

Thanks to the jury/industry members that voted for the video. This is a wonderful pat on the head and all involved appreciate it a great deal. Please feel free to check out the video by clicking here.

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  1. Even I also had the grace and charm once upon the time when I used to compose music for my band. I really miss those days. Thanks for reminding me those days.