Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sisters Of Mercy Film Mused By Morleysaurus, LittleSlean

Shortly after we announced the initial details surrounding our third collaboration with Lucy Rupert, a feature film called The Sisters Of Mercy, a few people who have been very kind to us in the past took the time to help spread the word. Jennifer Cooper's way-more-popular-than-your-blog Musings Of A Morleysaurus was the first. In part:
C.J. Wallis is one helluva talented young man. Not only is he an absolute darling within the independent horror industry, he is also an award winning music video director! His video for the absolutely gorgeous song The Rose, by Sarah Slean got him Best Music Video of the Year at the 2011 Leo Awards. I'm sure you will agree, this is impressive work but an impressive man who Heidi Honeycutt once also described as Canada's Best Kept Secret Weapon!
You can check out the entire article here and shortly there will be another article featuring the lurvly Ms. Cooper herself surfacing here which will have an interesting twist. Cameron over at littleslean also wrote up an article on the film (which included an additional Elective plug!).

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