Thursday, September 22, 2016

BB Movie Review - Brutal As Hell

While sex work in any capacity tends to be euphemistically dubbed ‘the oldest profession,’ no facet of that field is more uniquely modern than that of the cam girl, a performer entertaining untold numbers of strangers online with intimate displays into webcams. Naturally this is a subject matter that’s begging to be explored on film, as it not only offers ample opportunity for classic titillation tactics, it also presents us with compelling questions as to just what drives people to get into this line of work, as well as what might drive those who patronize their service. This, put very simply, is what BB is all about, and from that bare-bones premise we might easily anticipate something very sleazy and exploitative, particularly once we factor in that the central character is also gay, and much of the film’s early scenes are taken up by sex scenes. However, while the feature debut from director CJ Wallis is indeed filled to the brim with nudity and sexual content, with more than a dash of horror movie in the mix, the primary emphasis is on character-based drama, exploring themes of isolation, loneliness and miscommunication, and the strange way in which these feelings are only intensified by modern communications technology which should, in theory, be bringing us closer together.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

BB Movie Review - Sinful Celluloid


There is not anything on this planet more gratifying than the attention gained from fame. The more you shine, the more you crave it. You are a face. You are a personality. And people love you as if their lives depend on your every smile, your every gesture. Your addiction to the adoration is like a sickness. But sometimes your fans are sicker. Like you, sometimes your fans blur the lines between fantasy and reality, only they take the fantasy to a new level of objectification. Behind the mascara and the lipstick is a woman— a human being with real life problems— who is just waiting for the cameras to be shut off. Her name is Leah Lamont… but you can call her “Candy.”

Monday, September 19, 2016

BB Movie Review - Infernal Cinema

Out: Now / Runtime: 88 minutes / Rating: N/A / Fortyfps / Director: CJ Wallis

Leah who, under the name “Candy Cummings”, performs strip shows online from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knows the extent of the evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen. But she will soon find out…

Made on a near non-existent budget and with a tiny cast and crew, BB takes a classic concept and adds a very modern, 21st century twist to it while proving quality movies can be made with little resources.

The idea, a man becoming infatuated with a young woman from afar despite having never met her, has been seen in dozens of movies. The stalking, the harassment and the eventual kidnapping are all time worn tropes of this type of story. Infernal Cinema recently reviewed Honeymoon/Luna De Miel which touched upon similar. BB, however, adds ‘cam girls’ into the mix. These women, who perform on webcams for whoever is watching and willing to pay them to do ‘more’, have became popular in recent years. Some have became ‘celebrities’ and they have thousands of fans.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

BB Movie Review - 3 Minute Review

The hook for micro-budgeted indie film BB reads like many a B-movie thriller: A hard-up woman becomes a web-cam model to make some fast cash, only to find herself being stalked and harassed by an obsessed fan.

BB differs notably from typical direct-to-video genre fare, however, in its presentation. Filmed documentary-style, sans narration, fly-on-the-wall clips of heroine Leah (played by real-life web-cam model Jennifer Mae) are interspersed with found-footage style sequences of her #1 fan Hal (Kristian Hanson) being generally creepy and obsessive. Director/writer/editor CJ Wallis cleverly works around the absence of studio sets and effects through rapid cuts, parallel editing, and musical montages that show Leah’s life spiraling out of control while events build toward the inevitable collision between the protagonist and her tormentor.

According to press material, non-actors were deliberately chosen to lend a raw, real-world feel, and for the most part it works. Jennifer Mae acquits herself rather well in the lead role and gamely goes full-frontal several times, in addition to pounding lots of booze and drugs (we’ll assume that part was simulated) and freaking out a lot. Hanson isn’t quite as natural at emoting for the camera, but he’s far more believable, looks-wise, as a stalker than the generic hunk who would have been cast in a Hollywood production.

Friday, September 9, 2016

BB Movie Review - Cinema Bluster

BB Film Review: A Lurid Tale Of Online Persona

We live in a connected world, where with the single touch of a button or swipe of a screen we are immediately present in the life of another. The majority of the time, this is simply maintaining a connection with friends and family, however, in other instances, it serves more as a social contract between strangers, where each party has a mutual understanding of trust in the exchange of goods and services. And in the case of BB, the full-length feature debut of C.J. Wallis, we are given a glimpse into the prurient life of a cam girl, stripping for anonymous strangers, and the inherent dangers of presenting one’s self to the masses.

Jennifer Mae plays Leah Lamont, a young woman who becomes a webcam model in order to raise enough money to send her girlfriend Alina (Victoria Fox) back to Romania to visit her family. She quickly establishes her online persona of Candy Cummings and develops a strong and loyal fanbase. One of those fans is HornyHal, played by Kristian Hanson, an Iraq vet who develops an unhealthy fixation on Candy, and is convinced they are meant to be together. As Leah finds herself alone and missing Alina, she immerses herself in her work and thrives on the excesses of drugs and alcohol. All the while, Hal becomes more obsessed with Leah through the avatar of Candy–he believes he is in love with a woman but is only aware of a character, a facsimile of reality. Over time, his obsession develops into a more threatening state as he begins to stalk her both physically and online, using spyware to gain access to her cameras; all while planning his big move.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

BB Movie Review - TalkHorror


I was approached to review this film by C.J. Wallis, who is the man responsible for filling out most of the crew member positions on this film, such as writer, director, editor, cinematographer, producer, and so much more. Most notably, he’s just simply a pretty cool dude to shoot the shit with, which I discovered while shooting messages back and forth on Twitter.

He asked me to review his latest offering for him, whether it be good or bad. That’s when I decided to hit up my good ole buddy, Doctor Briggs. whom watched the film with me, and we’ve decided to do a joint review. Therefore, this review will consist of both of our opinions.

That being said, this is our review of BB.

BB is a film that follows a young woman in love with a same sex partner as they struggle to make it in California. Just like many youngsters in love, she would do anything for her partner — even if that means putting forth cash to support the woman’s ailing mother overseas.

Unfortunately, the young girl has to objectify herself by becoming an adult webcam model in order to fund the trip for her lover. Among her followers is an Iraq war veteran going by the screen name Hornyhal, who sets up a private video journal in which he confesses his obsession for his favorite model.

Claiming that his love is truer than that of her girlfriend or her other followers, he plans to take advantage of her online raffle to go on a date with one viewer. When it becomes increasingly unlikely that his desires will come true, he becomes unhinged, spying on her through a hacked webcam, and planning to meet in person, alone.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

BB Movie Review - BloodGuts UK Horror

From the outset, BB is not your average blockbuster. Despite a pulsing soundtrack and a visual flair to rival Hollywood, the films content is wrapped around your face and does not let go.

When Leah Lamont (Jennifer Mae) discovers the money that can be earnt by being a cam girl she realises the life she wanted could be the one she has. Jumping into a strange world, she takes to the income and custom really well until on of her viewers (played by Kristian Hanson) realises that the woman behind the screen might not be the one he wishes.

Holstered between PEEPING TOM and MANIAC, BB is a tense thriller that is as chilling as it is beautiful. Self funded by director CJ Wallis, this is a passion project that shows how great vision and a lust for attention can put up a fight against the mighty mainstream. Whether the focus is on passionate and quite graphic love making or the visible emotional breakdown of a woman in love, BB is a master to its own success.

Friday, August 19, 2016


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

BB Movie Review: Beneath The Underground

Posted By Jason Kreuger on Aug 18, 2016

C.J. Wallis (Revolver,Runaway) is an indie filmmaker from Canada. His first full length feature (he has directed numerous shorts) will be smacking you in the face any day now. It is a memorable little film that will surely disturb and impress.

This film will not disturb in the way extreme cinema sets out to disturb, with disgusting sex and brutal gore. Instead it is disturbing from a psychological standpoint. It deals with themes of obsession, the intrusive nature of technology, and the psychological effects of war. It is also a film that tells an efficient story with a high level of production value.