Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sisters Of Mercy New Promotional Posters

Yesterday, we received several wonderful photos taken by Melanie Gordon from the original performance of "Animals Are Planning An Intervention," choreographed and performed by Lucy Rupert. Naturally, these quickly became two new promotional posters playing off of our tagline "When The Mind Gets Distorted...The Body Must Follow." Click the thumbnails below to see the full versions.

When The Mind Gets Distorted The Body Must Follow

The Sisters Of Mercy also has a new project page on our website where everything along the way will collect and gather. And yes, that is the Joey Greco listed as the 4th lead. More details and other familiar faces to be announced soon.

Finally, at our most recent Celluloid Social Club visit, we met Meeshelle Neal. Meeshelle, also Leo nominated for her performance in the short film Therapy, mentioned that she really enjoyed The Rose and went on to write a very kind post about her evening out.


  1. Arrestingly beautiful and evocative images. Just makes a gal want more.

  2. Agreed - those images speak beautifully without saying a word.

    And thank you for the shout out :)