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BB - Official Stills "This is legit indie filmmaking that not only honors the art of being an indie film but embraces all of the perks of it to get the best results on-screen!"

BB (2016)

Directed By: C.J. Wallis

Starring: Jennifer Mae, Kristian Hanson, Victoria Fox

Rated: UR/Widescreen 

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BB is the provocative story of a girl named Leah who, under the name “Candy Cummings”, performs strip shows online from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen. If you didn’t already know it, C.J. Wallis is one of hell of a creative guy.

He’s great behind a camera, in front of one, and also great at telling a story. He uses all those skills to do just that in his film, BB. A movie about a cam girl who takes the job to help out her girlfriend but ends up getting a lot more trouble than she ever could have expected. Before we even get into the plot overall, let me just say that this movie is a gritty experience.

It is a movie that uses a very solid hip hop soundtrack to help lay the groundwork while we see character development taking place under it. That groundwork is laid this way pretty early on as we see more details of the relationship between Leah and her girlfriend. I will also say the movie places a lot of layers over one another building up everyone who will be really important parts of the story. We see someone talking for instance to a camera off and on in the movie and things just go from there as we learn more and more the deeper the movies goes. There is certainly a style here. One that topped off with a unique story and a very cool way of telling it is what not only pulls you into BB but keeps you interested. It has tons of nudity in it as well, but this is a movie that unlike some out there keeps you watching for many more reasons other than just the T and A side of it. One of the only ways I can think of to really try to describe how I feel about a movie like this is by saying that this is legit indie filmmaking that not only honors the art of being an indie film but embraces all of the perks of it to get the best results on-screen.

Going back to the story, this is a movie that shows the horror that could come to someone being a cam girl. I got to admit that before seeing this I never looked at the profession that way. People can do a lot on the internet as you see here. And being a cam girl isn’t safe, as our lead Leah sees. But also touching again on the style and how it helps build up this whole plot, you just find yourself watching this movie and seeing things start to grow and go from bad to worse and onward. You know bad stuff is brewing and the movie does one of the better jobs I’ve seen of keeping a dread-soaked feeling inside you as you watch. Leah isn’t a goody-two-shoes character. She’s rough around the edges and admits to being rather messed up. She doesn’t make the best decisions we’ve ever seen in this movie but you still want to see her succeed and prevail through any issue.  And you feel bad for her when she doesn’t seem to be able to get any help for her situations. That’s another sign of a good story and storytelling.

I also can’t let this review go without mentioning actor Kristian Hanson who plays the character of HornyHal, one of “Candy Cummings” biggest supporters. I don’t want to give too much away, but this dude brings it on-screen and in his performance. He’s another very good reason to watch this movie, not that there isn’t a whole list of other reasons to watch it anyway. C.J. Wallis is one of most creative people I know and this movie just shows more reasons for other to also see that. BB is an indie thriller done right that can make you squirm and get antsy while watching. If you want to see something different and totally interesting, then see this movie as soon as you can!


Chuck Conry

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