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BB - Official Stills "BB is a well made thriller that has beautiful imagery and a great cast.  If you want a sleek and atmospheric thriller then this one was made for you!"

Director – C.J. Wallis
Starring – Jennifer Mae (High and Outside), Kristian Hanson (Sledge), and Victoria Fox
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 3.5/5
Tagline – “To get to the rainbow you gotta get through the rain”

The world is not a safe place.  I hate to say it but it’s true.  This is something I never realized until recent years after I had children.  Anything and everything can turn into a dangerous situation. Something as trivial as going to the local grocery store could end in bloodshed.  Some jobs are even more dangerous than others.  Policemen, firefighters, miners, and even cam-girls.

Over the years I have became friends with several actresses on social media after reviewing films they were in.  A few have turned to cam modeling as a way to score some money on the side when not working on a film.  One of these ladies is always open about the creepy guys and girls that make her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Turns out director C.J. Wallis has thought about this before and set out to make an erotic thriller starring Jennifer Mae and Kristian Hanson.  I reached out to Wallis and he was kind enough to hook me up with a link to review his new film BB.  Thanks C.J.!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows Leah Lamont (Mae) who takes a job as a web-cam girl under the name Candy Cummings to help raise money so she could send her girlfriend out of the country to see her family.  She does well for herself and eventually saves up enough money to send her.  She expects her girlfriend to come back to her but she refuses to return Leah’s calls.  This puts a strain on Leah and she turns to drinking to cope.

Things take a dark turn when a regular in her cam room, Horny Hal (Hanson), turns delusional and starts stalking her.  He starts out by prank calling her and putting spyware on her computer but his obsession fully manifests itself and he kidnaps her with illusions that she will fall in love with him.  **Spoiler Alert**

When I was first introduced to BB sometime ago by Kristian Hanson I had no idea what I was going to be watching.  I assumed it would be a sleazy thriller full of boobs, bush, and women making out.  The first portion of the film was just that but the film was much more.  The film was actually more complex and offered up a bigger story than I was expecting.

The acting in this one varies from scene to scene.  Jennifer Mae is solid for most of the film.  In her normal face to face encounters with other character she is phenomenal.  She has some real acting chops.  In the scenes that require her to be sexy she knocks it out of the park.  This role was made for her!  With all that being said, she does have her faults in front of the camera.  When she is angry or arguing with someone she goes off the rails and is completely laughable.  Her anger and dialogue is all over the place and does not feel genuine.  The remainder of the cast, mostly Kristian Hanson, is great as well.  They offer up some great performances that makes the film flow very well.

The story for this one is very well written and more than just your typical thriller.  The film makes you think it is going to be a sleazy thriller about a lesbian couple and an online stalker.  Instead, the film follows a young woman who finds a weak way to cope with heart ache while in a career that is unconventional.  We then get the stalker who is delusional and harasses her in the same manner that real men and women get harassed everyday at their job as cam models.

Finally, those of you looking for blood and guts are barking up the wrong tree.  This film is meant to be sexy, provocative, and suspenseful and it does just that.  Overall, BB is a well made thriller that has beautiful imagery and a great cast.  If you want a sleek and atmospheric thriller then this one was made for you.  Check it out!

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