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BB - Official Stills "This movie is a must-see for the cam model community, lovers of uncertainty-laden thrillers, and the admirers of raw independent cult-classic level gems!"

BB Movie: Movie Review by R.J. CAMabis

As an Internet adult entertainer, one of the paramount concerns any young lady in the industry has is protecting her real-life identity from the threat of overly-obsessed, psychotic, mentally unstable fans who would love nothing more than to forcibly fulfill their twisted fantasies; at least for a split-second, they dreadfully imagine the sheer horror of being held captive, not being in control when being in control is the norm, shielded from such a fate by existing by pixels on a computer screen.

What happens when that world wasn't meant to be lived in?  When role-play and make believe cease to exist...and one is face-to-face with an uncertain fate?

This 'what-if' scenario is captured by C.J. Wallis in his debut feature film "BB," which stars Jennifer Mae as "Candy Cummings," a live-on-her-own-terms lesbian punker chick turned internet cam model  who feeds her independence and the needs of her lady love Alina.  "Candy" is a natural as a virtual adult entertainer, winning the hearts and tokens of her male virtual suitors, and even more that she wasn't even prepared for.

The film begins with an introduction of "Horny Hal," a perceived war veteran suffering from PTSD (supposedly) and completely convinced that Candy's expressions of gratitude and cutesy names for the tips he sends her translates into an insatiable desire to be with him.  Hal feels confident in expressing to the audience that "Candy" needs to be saved from all the other cam fans as well as his perception of what her life has amounted to.

With Alina away tending to familial matters overseas thanks to her lady love's generosity, "Candy" passes the time in cam land selling raffle ticket chances to go on a in-person date that Hal has spent loads of money to win in order to win her heart and put his plan to make Candy his in is all-thwarted when he doesn't win the raffle...and the ride the film takes you on begins at this point.

Jennifer Mae and Kristian Hanson (Hal Bowman) deliver EXCELLENT performances captured outstandingly by the Cinemetography of CJ Wallis in what is sure to be the beginning of a dynamic, promising career as a feature film photographer and director.  The performances throughout the movie are slighted, however, by the lack of "meat" in the screenplay, if you will.

The script does a good job at introducing the characters, but the climatic, moment-of-truth showstopper falls short of leaving the audience as thrilled as they could be.  The brief introduction of Leah's friend Sapphire Stevens falls short of having any impact on the plot, and the justification for Leah's girlfriend Alina (played by Victoria Fox) being a scarcity throughout the "heart" of the film -- only to resurface at the very end of the film with no apparent substance is detrimental to the script writing of an otherwise remarkable storyline.

Overall, this movie is a must-see for the cam model community, lovers of uncertainty-laden thrillers, and the admirers of raw independent cult-classic level gems.

Acting: 4 and a half stars out of 5
Direction: 3 out of 5
Photography (cinematography) : 4 and a half out of 5
Soundtrack: 5 out of 5
OVERALL RATING: 3.75 out of 5 (Watch this for the performances and an outstanding first-feature effort by CJ Wallis and the Forty FPS family.

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