Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scarlet Ending Videos Get Funded, Film This Weekend

The Scarlet Ending, with just under 100 donations (!), over-achieved their goal by nearly $600 by raising just over $3,000 and are currently en route to Vancouver to shoot our aforementioned music videos. With funding secured only a few days ago, pre-production has been fast and terrifying with everything coming together in the final moments.

The "first video" as it's being called will feature some familiar Vancouver talent in the cast. Filmmaker and actress Katrin Bowen - who is currently enjoying the glow of a rapidly exploding new semi-autobiographical film called Amazon Falls). Dead Hooker alumni member and the finest film pyro man around Mr. David Barkes who most recently set a man on fire repeatedly to co-earn the world record for longest full body burn which earned himself an appearance on Inside Edition.

The "second video" is the complete opposite of the first but, because the songs are staying under the radar by request, there isn't much more to elaborate on at the moment. Which makes this section of the post semi-redundant and a bit obnoxious. :/

Limited edition DVDs of the videos filled to the business with exclusive extras that we think should be genuinely interesting will be produced and shipped complete with original artwork and design by us! Stills and sneak peeks will find their way up various places after this weekend.

Editors note: Thank you to Jen, Marius & Sylvia Soska and Dale Wallis for their last second heroics and also to Jerome Berthier for all the reasons I said before...

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