Friday, October 29, 2010

Limited Edition Scarlet Ending DVD Details Announced

as an early form of bribery during pre-production of the scarlet ending videos posted below, we promised donators we'd create an exclusive, limited-run of dvds containing the videos as a thank you. only 200 of these are being created and we have done our best to include some extra things we thought you'd enjoy:

the dvd will include high quality versions of both "phoenix" and "exactly what you want" as well as an additional 3 camera/single-take of "sinner" performed acoustically and completely unplugged & electricity-free. another feature allows you to "direct your own video" choosing live between angles as you watch the previously unreleased full version of "epiphany."

frequent multi-purpose saviour jeffrey zablotny has also created a succinct, drifty sequence of videowurk called "smoke out" that follows along the band and filmmakers throughout the weekend. jeff has created a couple of these now for various productions of ours and they always are met with warm reception and open arms. an alternate, non-kickstarter specific edit of "smoke out" will be released online october 31st.

thank you to the over 5,000 eyes that found us in the first day or so. we all appreciate the continued viral support endlessly.

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