Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rose - Colored & Completed

after watching the video on the fancy monitors at finifilm, it was decided there wasn't much coloring to change after embellished a few small cues and a quick clean-up of minor things and now it is finished.

here are a few stills from the more low-key "chapter 3" of the video, where our starlet (lucy rupert) burns rose pedals for luck and is interrupted by a well dressed, kind-hearted older man. we are trying to save the "looks" of the other chapters for the broadcast/debut.

a behind-the-scenes documentary of the video shoot was shot by jeffrey zablotny who has done this daunting task previously on circumference ("hat trick") and last flowers ("wink"). the video and still photos from set will make their way online whenever we are allowed to do so.

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