Thursday, August 18, 2016

BB Movie Review: Beneath The Underground

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"[Wallis] has accomplished quite a bit with this debut film. You should definitely give it a shot!"

Posted By Jason Kreuger on Aug 18, 2016

C.J. Wallis (Revolver,Runaway) is an indie filmmaker from Canada. His first full length feature (he has directed numerous shorts) will be smacking you in the face any day now. It is a memorable little film that will surely disturb and impress.

This film will not disturb in the way extreme cinema sets out to disturb, with disgusting sex and brutal gore. Instead it is disturbing from a psychological standpoint. It deals with themes of obsession, the intrusive nature of technology, and the psychological effects of war. It is also a film that tells an efficient story with a high level of production value.

In BB, Jennifer Mae stars as Leah and her online alter ego Candy Cummings. Candy seems to quickly make a name for herself as an online cam girl. Trying to make money to help her girlfriend, Leah develops numerous online relationships with men looking to pay for webcam strip shows. It is here, where this film gets very dark, very quick.

The narrative structure is pulled together by scenes in which her obsessed fan, HornyHal (Kristian Hanson), describes the reasoning behind his obsession. His rants speak to his tortured past. His story speaks to common tales of PTSD in soldiers and obsession within the minds of those lonely souls on the internet. In a way his story is tragic, despite the fact that he becomes a villain in the end.

By the time the action of the film begins rolling, you have found that you have been tied up in a world of nastiness from the opening scene. A film that started out with lesbian action, strip shows, and kinky fetishes has quickly become a dark decent into the world of tortured souls.

Candy is drunk and high all of the time. Her girlfriend cannot escape her shady past. HornyHal has turned a lifetime of mental torment into physical pain that he must inflict on others. This film is a dark portrayal of many common occurrences in society. It is one that will stick with the viewer despite the fact that they probably know nothing about the people behind the film.

In regard to the technical aspects of the film, it is also pretty impressive. You can tell the director has had plenty of practice in creating and editing his short films. This film flows well, doesn’t waste the viewers time, and is shot well. Wallis further goes on to show us that he can put a soundtrack together as well.

This is the first of his films that I have seen and I’m actually pretty pumped about what he has in store for the future. Seriously, he even made me appreciate music that I would never listen to outside of this film. So I think he has accomplished quite a bit with this debut film. You should definitely give it a shot as well.


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