Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smallville's Connor Stanhope, Twisted Twins Join Nokia N8 Contest

With the Nokia N8 Direct & Project contest deadlines dwindling down and the gala screening approaching rapidly, we thought it best to begin the build-up. The contest, as mentioned, requires various kinds of visual artists found/selected by Nokia to create a 1 minute clip (narrative or visual) shot entirely on their N8 phone. The top 3 entries keep their promotional phone and the top film wins a large 46" HD television and corporate party favors!

Our entry is titled "Runaway" and features one of my new favorite actors Connor Stanhope, who regularly portrays young Lex Luthor on the Vancouver produced "Smallville." Connor is on an extremely short list of young actors with the ability to act circles around the majority of his adult counterparts. (His words, not mine.)

I will be directing, shooting and post-production for this with a story co-written with The Soska Sisters and featuring visual embellishments by Jeffrey Zablotny - re-assembling all our award winning fast-film team members from contests past. "Runaway", we realized shortly after it's creation, is an indirect homage to a comic strip which, clearly, remains as one of my biggest influences and favorite things ever.

Rules state that I'm not really allowed to post much else regarding my entry but: I am allowed to shamelessly promote the screening and their product...product liiike Nokia's latest cel-phone homerun: the Nokia N8? The Nokia N8 which features Carl Zeiss lenses (seen right) and shoots in crystal clear 720p HD! Nokia, of course, being the company putting on this "N8: Direct & Project" contest and screening (and by screening, I mean the Nokia screening on the 19th) at the Vancouver Art Gallery (generously rented out by Nokia.)


Despite my profession, I have not bought a television since the nineteen hundreds and am willing to do whatever it takes to play NHL 11 at home on a large, high definition television - out of respect and solidarity, I haven't even looked at my Blackberry since writing this.

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  1. CJ... This showbiz coup has just earned you legendary status at WW/N Towers. You could have mentioned the brand though? ;)

    Just for the record, you can say whatever you please about your film...
    short of actually showing the thing. That is what the screening event is for on Wednesday!

    Chris, WOMWorld/Nokia