Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BB Named 10 Most Anticipated Films

BB - Official Stills

MoviePilot has included BB Movie in it's "10 Indie Horror Films Coming Out In 2017 You Don't Want To Miss!" penned by Rachel Rumancek. The quote about the project:
Truly a twisted gem, BB is a reluctantly fabulous and insightful thriller from director C.J. Wallis that probes uncomfortably deep into life of a webcam worker and the mind of her unknown and violently obsessive No. 1 voyeur. The cast of BB are previously unknown actors and the movie itself was shot with a two person crew and financed from the very pockets of director Wallis himself.
Recommended for fans of Creep and Megan is Missing, BB draws its fear from the very taboo reality the film showcases. It's nothing far fetched, from not only the dangers of working in adult entertainment but the underestimated strength of a jaded woman.
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