Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Last Chief Interviews CJ Wallis

CJ WALLIS Also Known as FortyFPS Production Interview.

by Aaron Jay

Let’s see, where do we start with this man?

Deep in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the world’s most beautiful landscape scenerie there is to see. We take a look at Canada’s finest film director, producer, designer, and screenwriter CJ Wallis.

The 35 year old doesn’t seem to disappoint, ever. Starting his career off as co-founder of an online resource for the Academy Award-Nominated film director Paul Thomas Anderson back in the 90’s. Wallis isn’t new to this. From his signature slogan ‘Bird’s Eye View’ and famous website ‘FortyFPS’, to his partnership with Jet Life Records. His unique directing skills and camera work is a one of a kind as well as the designer’s creative inspirational stand out album covers, prints and musical visuals. Mr. Wallis gets it done.

Being inspired by the late great Martin Scorsese. Wallis is well on his way and could very well one day in fact follow into the footsteps of the award winning film director who is responsible for films such as Goodfellas, Wolf of Wall Street, and plenty more.

Wallis already has plenty of films surely to catch your attention in 2017, but his recent three films coming from 2016 include ‘BB’, ‘Revolver’, and ‘Umerica’ which are sure to expose you to his creative visions. That is if you didn’t already know.

One of Cj Wallis’ most prestigious moments that lies under his belt has to come from 2011. When the Canadian native came in touch with Mousa Hamadan, the manager for the longtime underground emcee/entrepreneur Curren$y. He was then later invited to Los Angeles, California by Mousa to film for Curren$y’s infamous Rock the Bells concert, where the rapper broke his ankle and did the show all from his home couch on stage.

After the show, Wallis quickly made a lifelong connection and friendship with Curren$y, Mousa, and the whole Jet Life gang. Wallis, then later signed a deal with New Orlean’s finest as President of Jet Life Films creating all of Curren$y’s album, mixtape covers, Jetflix Documentaries, and a majority of his kick ass music videos. He also is man in charge behind plenty of album cover designs and music videos for artists such as, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and many more artists. Definitely be on the look out for more projects from Cj Wallis and the JetLife crew in the near future. Also be on a swivel for his designs on the court as he designed the basketball uniform for the Jet Life Athletics basketball team. For more intel on Cj Wallis’ work be sure to check out his website at ‘fortyfps.com’.

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