Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Please Subscribe' YouTube Film To Be Released Soon

Tay Zonday

Fresh off of the recent announcement that Dead Hooker In A Trunk had been sold to IFC, we can also announce that our YouTube documentary Please Subscribe, another co-production with the Twisted Twins, is nearly through it's final polish and now has distribution deals in place upon delivery of the film and, of course, after our 4 friends finally get to watch it. Here are a few stills in advance:

Daxflame David Dru Chan David Choi Tay Zonday Arty The Jester Happyslip & David Choi

Please Subscribe follows four of the original four Youtube celebrities (David Choi, Daxflame, Tay Zonday & Happyslip) whose home made, lo-fi videos went viral and made them household names on the same level as any Hollywood star. The film explores “Celebrity 2.0” and the perks and darkness surrounding the effects of net success on their lives and the entertainment industry overall.

The film features music by Sean Hayes, The Belle Game, Tay Zonday, David Choi and the film's signature track called 'Half As Much' written and performed by Kaleena Goldsworthy of The Scarlet Ending.

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