Friday, November 26, 2010

Goody Two-Shoes In Full Wachtercolor

Dead Hooker In A Trunk Art

A cel phone photo surfaced on facebook of some original art based on the Goody Two Shoes character in the indie-hit film Dead Hooker In A Trunk. It is watercolor lined with fine point pen and a sharpie by the extremely thoughtful Zach Shildwachter. He writes for the popular horror site Blood Sprayer who had this, in part, to say about the film:

The soundtrack sets an adventurous tone. Bands like Fake Shark–Real Zombie!, Ione Sky, the Titan Go Kings, and an original score by CJ Wallis makes you want to stand up and then update your iPod. The pairings of songs with the content on screen offers a disturbing duality, one that soothes the audience into the plethora of violence and yet amps up the drama. The Soska Sisters know that a rock ‘n roll adventure needs just that, rock’ n roll, and they crank plenty of it, nice and loud. It plays like what MTV should be if we lived in a world of permanent midnight.
DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is truth in advertising, crystallized, and ready to addict all those jonesing for a hit. You don’t need a review to sell it to you because the title alone will bring you to the fringe festivals and midnight screenings where fans of such films will gobble this alive. It’s a high octane gear grinder, shifting back and forth between action and horror, drama and comedy, leaving a trail of dead bodies and broken hearts in one blood splattering burn out. As the end credits roll, you wonder what could possibly come next from this troublesome twosome and hot damn, I call shotgun to ride along.

You can read the entire review here and see what other wonderful things Zach's has for your eyes on his blog Awkward Creations.

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