Friday, June 25, 2010

Project Greenman Commercial

yesterday we shot a commercial for "project greenman" a cause founded by jeff arsenault which is represented by four young "agents for change" that deliver seeds all over the world. in their words:

Project Greenman will allow you to follow a tiny seed through its life cycle. Planting seeds and growing plants represent the continuation of life; a rebirth of our world and promise for tomorrow. We want you to be part of this future. When you become an "Agent for Change" you will have the chance to assist other members fulfilling a commitment to rejuvenate our Earth.
our agents were janette bundic, eric clark, megan mckinnon & connor stanhope, who some of you may recognize as the young lex luther on 'smallville.' the spot also features fortyfps's parents, maggie and chuck, who are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary today. the finished spot should be appearing online within the next week.

click here and here to see a photos from shortly after the production had wrapped and project page has been created and uploaded here.

jeff has told us of several major places and people that will be involved in promoting this piece and the cause, including virgin's richard branson who is planning to promote the cause by taking seeds up on the first commercial space flight. here is a clip from ctv news:

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