Thursday, November 30, 2006

Second DVD...Seriously

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In Circumference DVD news: there is now a second release being created. The Crazy 8s, run by Andrew Williamson, had it's final year this year - pending someone volunteering to take over from him. As a final major act to close out his 8 years with his creation, a distribution deal has been reached for a DVD to be mass produced featuring hand-chosen films from the contest's duration. Circumference was chosen to be one of the few included.

Their DVD is being rapidly produced and executed in the next week or two to meet the distributor's deadlines and will be available in a retail outlet sometime soon.

For those who have purchased a DVD from us, fear not: this new DVD will have only the short film along with the other chosen shorts. Our DVD, as mentioned in previous posts, has considerable content included within in for, more than likely, half the price of this forthcoming Crazy 8s one.

For more information on our Circumference DVD, click here.

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